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Mais Serviços offers the best service solution for its clients, promoting the qualification and satisfaction of employees, strengthening the commitment to social development and environmental preservation.
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Our reason for always seeking excellence in services rendered.

Itaú Cagece
Prefeitura de Fortaleza Stratura
Prefeitura de Fortaleza Banco do Nordeste
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Limpeza e Conservação

Cleanliness and

Cleaning of buildings and offices;
- Urban cleaning; - Hospital cleaning ...

Jardinagem Técnica

Building maintenance
and engineering

- Works, renovations and
installations; - Electrical, hydraulic...

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(85) 3031.9800 | 3031.9801

Rua São Paulo, nº 32, salas 1013 a 1016
Centro - em frente a Praça dos Leões
CEP 60030-100, Fortaleza CE

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